A Folio Palette lays open while a hand sets a paint-filled palette inside.

Create Your Dream Toolkit and Palette in Four Easy Steps!

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Inspiration | December 02, 2022

We offer Art Toolkits with all the essentials, but they are also 100% customizable! Here’s how we recommend getting started.

  1. Pick your Toolkit size and cover color
  2. Pick a palette size: Demi, Pocket, or Folio
  3. Pick your paint pans and Mixing Pans
  4. Pick your paints

Pick an Art Toolkit Cover

A stack of colorful Art Toolkit covers.

Art Toolkits are available in two sizes: the Pocket Art Toolkit and the A5 Art Toolkit. We offer our covers in a rotating selection of bright colors, so check out the “Covers Only” option in the drop-down menus on our website to pick your favorite! We have seen some amazing personalized Toolkits over the years. Browse this blog post for fun ideas for making yours unique to fit your style and activities!

Pick a Palette Size

A Demi Palette, Pocket Palette, and Folio Palette laid next to each other for size comparison.

Along with various pan-filled palettes, we also sell Empty Palettes in three sizes: the Demi Palette, Pocket Palette, and Folio Palette. When choosing between sizes, consider the weight of the palette and its capacity to hold paint! Empty Palettes come with a magnetic tray and are compatible with our stainless steel pans. Learn more about our Empty Palettes in this blog post.

Pick Out Your Pans

Four sizes of watercolor pans.
Three sizes of watercolor mixing pans.

Our stainless steel paint pans come in three sizes: Mini, Standard, Double, and Large. When it comes to pan arrangement the sky is your limit. Think about the way you like to paint and the brushes you like to use. Do you like to work with a limited palette, or would you prefer to have a vast range of colors, ready to go in your palette? The answers to those questions will indicate whether a bunch of Mini Pans or a selection of Mixing Pans might be a good place to start. If you prefer painting with bigger brushes, you may consider filling your Empty Palette with bigger pans for paint, like the Double or Large Pans. Learn about our favorite travel brushes here!

Expand the versatility of your palette with Mixing Pans, available in three sizes: Small, Large, and XL. Our Mixing Pans feature the same special white mixing surface as the interior of our Palette lids. Increase your mixing space by nestling some in and among your paint pans!

Pick Your Paints

A hand adding paint-filled pans to a Pocket Palette.

Finally, customize your palette by filling it with your favorite paints! Squeeze paints into your pans and allow at least 24 hours to dry. We sell a wide selection of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors, a limited range of Van Gogh® by Royal Talens watercolors, and a Winsor & Newton white gouache.

And, voilà: A dream Toolkit equipped with your very own customized palette... or palettes! We hope you to have fun with all the possibilities that the versatile Art Toolkit palette design invites.

An Art Toolkit with a watercolor notebook featuring a painting of a bay by Maria Coryell-Martin.