A5 and Pocket Art Toolkits shown personalized with a shoulder strap and embroidered patch.

Personalizing Your Toolkit

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Supplies | September 30, 2022

We would love to share some fun ideas and tips for how you might personalize your Art Toolkit. It’s incredible to see the many ways in which people have modified or augmented their kits to fit their style and activities, so read on to get inspired!

We recently shared an in-depth Tour of Our Toolkits, which included details about the pocket arrangements, what Art Toolkits are sewn from, and some suggestions for filling kits with your favorite supplies. Check out that blog post here. In this blog post, we share inspiration for making your Toolkit more you!

A5 and Pocket Art Toolkits shown with art by Maria Coryell-Martin.

A Kit To Fit Your Style

Once you’ve chosen the right size for you, pick a color that inspires you to grab your Toolkit and create! Along with classic black, we offer a rotating selection of bright colors.

Try ironing or gluing patches to the kit or adding embroidery embellishments to express your creativity in words or designs. You could even embroider your name along the spine like a book!

A Pocket Art Toolkit shown with an embroidered cat patch.
An embroidered patch adds a splash of color
Melissa Van Ness’ custom-painted A5 Art Toolkit
Custom-painted kit by Melissa Van Ness, using Daniel Smith watercolor grounds

A Kit to Fit Your Activities

Depending on where you sketch, you may want to add clips or straps to ensure your Toolkit is portable and secure.

Are you an urban sketcher or someone who likes to stroll through the park and find a bench to sketch from? You might use the gear loops to create a shoulder strap to comfortably wear your kit on your body as you would a purse or fanny pack.

An artist paints with watercolor while leaning against a wall next to a bicycle.

Are you an explorer or hiker, excited to bring art supplies on your adventures? You may consider attaching a carabiner to secure your Toolkit to a bike or the outside of your backpack for quick access.

A hand holds a Pocket Art Toolkit in grey with blue trim, with a carabiner attached.
An Art Toolkit fastened to the side of a backpack in the mountains
An fashionable artist paints with watercolor while leaning against a green wall next to a bicycle.

We’d love to hear about your adventures and how you have personalized your Art Toolkit! Tag us on social media @arttoolkit or use our hashtags: #ArtToolkit, #PocketPalette, #FolioPalette, and #DemiPalette.