An assortment of Rosemary & Co travel brushes artfully arranged sticking out of a flower bouquet.

Which Rosemary & Co Travel Brush is Right for You?

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Supplies | October 12, 2022

Our Rosemary & Co travel brushes are very popular! We are waiting on a shipment, and expect to have them back in stock by October 20th.

Our brush of choice is always a Rosemary & Co brush. They’re beautifully made in the UK by a small but dedicated team of artisans, and the quality is always top-notch. Rosemary & Co travel brushes have a detachable handle that doubles as a cap to cover the brush head and protect the bristles: a perfect design for painting on-the-go and stowing in your Art Toolkit!

If you’re trying to work out which brush is right for you, here are some ways we use each of the brushes we stock.

R4 Pocket Red Dot One Stroke: The Red Dot synthetic sable fibers are absorbent and springy, making this square brush ideal for long brush strokes and smooth blending.

Limited Edition Size 4: This tiny brush is excellent for detail work or if you like painting small!

R10 Golden Synthetic Pointed: This is an all-around fantastic brush! The springy tip allows for painting details, but it’s still absorbent enough to be used for washes.

R12 Pocket Dagger: Daggers can take a little practice, but once you’ve mastered them, they are an incredibly versatile brush. Use the tip for painting long lines, or hold it at an angle to get dry-brush texture.

R13 Pocket Sable Blend: Though we prefer to stock synthetic fibers when possible, we know that sable is still the favorite material of so many of you. This sable blend offers all the qualities you would expect from sable, but with a little added spring from the synthetics.

R16 Pocket Dagger: Just as impressive as the small pocket dagger, only much bigger!

R19 Pointed Round: There is something so exciting about working with a big brush. Made from Red Dot fibers, the R19 won’t let you get bogged down in details, instead providing a big hit of color for your larger paintings.

R24 Pocket Eradicator: This little miracle brush wipes out unwanted brush marks and creates fun textures. We like to use it to add grass or wood textures, as well as to eradicate.