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Supplies | September 28, 2022

So, what is an Art Toolkit? Here is an in-depth tour of our kits and some ideas for filling them with your favorite supplies!

Continue reading to learn about Art Toolkits, or scroll to the bottom of the page for a comprehensive video tour.

We began offering kits in 2011 and have been developing them ever since! Our kits are sewn in Seattle, Washington, from rugged, weather-resistant 1000D nylon, featuring YKK zippers and two exterior gear loops.

Close up of 1000D nylon fabric
1000D nylon
Close up of YKK zipper
YKK zipper

Our kits come in a variety of colors and are available in two sizes: the Pocket Art Toolkit and the A5 Art Toolkit. The Pocket version measures 5" x 8" (13cm x 20cm), and the larger A5 version is 7-1/4" x 11-1/4" (18cm x 28.5cm) when zipped closed.

Grey with red trim A5 Art Toolkit, shown open, cover-only
A5 Art Toolkit in Grey with Red Trim
Royal blue Pocket Art Toolkit, shown open, cover-only
Pocket Art Toolkit in Royal Blue

We offer Art Toolkits either empty (sold as covers only), or filled with essential supplies to get you started on our sketching adventures. Whether you choose a kit pre-filled with supplies or prefer to start yours with some personal favorites, you’ll be amazed by how many tools you can fit in such a small, portable kit.

On the left side, narrow, vertical pockets are perfect for storing drawing tools such as pens, pencils, and water brushes. The Pocket Art Toolkit has three vertical pockets, whereas the A5 has five and, due to its height, can accommodate longer tools such as Pilot Parallel Pens.

The right side has horizontal pockets. Both kits include two Pocket Palette pockets (also great for Demi Palettes), designed to be snug to keep them in place. If you’re only carrying one palette, you might fill the other pocket with small paper, erasers, or other supplies. Additional narrow pockets can hold other small supplies like Pocket Misters, Refill Syringes, and travel brushes. The Pocket Art Toolkit has one of these, and the A5 has four.

Finally, we designed Toolkits with roomy inner pockets perfect for sketchbooks, Folio Palettes, collapsible water cups, spare paper, and anything else you need on board. The A5 can even fit two thin A5 sketchbooks in one inner pocket!

Which kit is for you? You may end up with both! In our experience, the Pocket Art Toolkit is a fabulous daily carry. Its small size makes it a perfect “no-excuses” tool to bring everywhere you go, so you’re ready to take advantage of any found moments to sketch. The larger A5 Art Toolkit is fantastic for more dedicated art adventures or outings with its capacity to carry more tools and supplies—even enough to share with friends!

We’d love to hear about your adventures and how your kit fuels your creativity!

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