Sketchbook Kaigi with April Wu

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Demos | January 24, 2023

This is a recording of our live Sketchbook Kaigi demo on Developing Your Daily Art Habit with April Wu!

April is a stationery enthusiast, urban sketcher, and host of @thestationerycafe in Seattle, WA. She enjoys capturing her daily life through journaling and sketches in colorful ways.

During the sketchbook kaigi, April shared her lineup of sketchbooks and journals that she plans to use for 2023! April also discussed her sketchbook practice and inspiration for you to develop daily art habits, from taking just 10-15 minutes to doodle about your day to food journaling and documenting your travels. In Japanese, a “kaigi” means a meeting or discussion and is an endearing term used by the stationery and journaling community to describe the process of reviewing and deciding on the notebooks we’d like to utilize for the new year.

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