A variety of travel brushes fanned out with a long, slim brush in the foreground.

Announcing Two New Travel Brushes

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Supplies | January 26, 2023

An artist adds grassy textures to a landscape sketch with a Folio Palette and a Size 6 Rigger travel brush.
Maria sketches with the Size 6 Rigger

The Limited Edition Red Dot Rigger Size 6 is a long, thin brush that creates a beautiful range of expressive marks. You can load it with paint for delicate, continuous lines or fine details such as grasses and tree branches. Explore twisting it on the paper, pushing it down, lightly lifting it, and playing with dry-brush techniques for various textures and calligraphic marks. A rigger is a fabulous addition to any kit!

In this video, Maria demonstrates the Size 6 Rigger.

Artist paints a nature scene in a sketchbook on their lap with an R3 Mop travel brush and Folio Palette full of paints.
The Red Dot R3 Large Mop

We’ve loved experimenting with the R3 Mop to make soft gradients for skies, blending colors smoothly. The brush can be lightly dragged or danced across the page for foreground details, creating delicate lines and expressive textures. A brush can be an extension of our arm and imagination. We love to explore the mark-making possibilities and hope you enjoy the R3 Mop as much as we do.

In this video, Maria demonstrates the R3 Mop.