Art Toolkit accessories: X-Shot Cup, mini binder clip, Pocket Mister, Refill Syringe, and kneadable eraser.

Time to Accessorize!

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Supplies | December 14, 2022

Last week, we shared a four-step approach to customizing your own Toolkit and Palette—read about that here. Now that you have your Toolkit and Palettes, it’s time to accessorize! We stock favorite pens, pencils, brushes, and sketchbooks for ink and watercolor sketching along with a steadily-growing list of our favorite additional accessories to take with you on the go. Read on to learn more about our unsung heroes, the extra accessories!

An A5 Art Toolkit in Royal Blue, spread open with a Folio Palette full of paint laying across.

Pocket Mister

Pocket Misters can pre-wet your palette, dampen your paper, and create watercolor effects on a painting with a spritz here or there! Their tiny size and light weight make them an easy addition to any Art Toolkit.

Refill Syringe

Refill Syringes allow you to siphon water from a creek or a water bottle to refill your water brush or collapsible water cup, no matter where your adventures take you.

A Pocket Art Toolkit and Explore Palette on a green table, with a red X-Shot Cup.

Water Cups

X-Shot Collapsible Water Cups make painting with watercolors easy! Currently available in an assortment of bright colors, these silicone accessories collapse flat for compact packing.

A Royal Blue A5 Art Toolkit, showing pens, binder clips and other tools, laying on dried grass.

Little Clips

Though we don’t sell them on our website, we do include two mini binder clips with our Art Toolkit supplies, because we love being equipped to clip our palettes to our sketchbooks when we work! These little clips also keep loose pages from flying off in the breeze. If you already have a kit, consider tracking one down.

Three sizes of silicone cross bands, holding watercolor palettes, sketchbooks, and Art Toolkits together.

Silicone Cross Bands

Silicone Cross Bands keep all your supplies organized and secure. They’re perfect for holding palettes, brushes, and sketchbooks together on the go, and all three sizes are heat-, cold-, UV-, chemical-, and weather-resistant.


Kneadable Erasers are pliable and easily lift unwanted graphite off the page. They are gentle on dried watercolor and pen, making them a trusty eraser for mixed media.

Mini Containers

Mini Snap Containers are airtight and moisture-resistant. These useful little containers are perfect for storing a spot of white gouache, a splash of water, or spices to bring camping out.

We hope you have fun filling your Toolkits with supplies that you love and need!