The Grow Untamed Palette arranced on a marble table with a Rosemary & Co brush and eraser.

Grow Untamed with Ambassador Sophia Trinh

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Inspiration | August 30, 2022

Art Toolkit Ambassador Sophia shows how she uses gouache (pronounced like “squash” but with a “g”) with our new limited-edition Grow Untamed Palette. Add texture to your watercolor paintings with the signature opacity of gouache paint, or keep it light with transparent layers of watercolor. In this video, Sophia uses the Rosemary & Co R19 pointed round brush and says, “it really feels like gliding butter over the rough texture of the watercolor paper.”

If this inspires you to play with gouache, we always recommend adding a few drops of glycerine to the bottom of your stainless steel pans before filling them with paint. This helps prevent the paint from cracking in the pans once it dries! Have fun with it!

What do you do when you need to stretch your sketching skills?

The Grow Untamed Palette pans, filled with paint.
The Grow Untamed Palette, engraved art on the front and back.

The red Pocket Palette is engraved with Melissa Esplin’s art and is the centerpiece of The Grow Untamed Collection, a collaboration between Art Toolkit, Letter Sparrow, and artist and calligrapher Melissa. The palette features six paints made by Letter Sparrow and hand-selected by Melissa, who pulled color inspiration from the red rocks of Southern Utah and the endangered Bearclaw Poppy found there.