Nikki Frumkin mountain golden hour watercolor.

Capturing the Golden Hour with Nikki Frumkin

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Inspiration | July 27, 2022

Our Ambassador Nikki Frumkin recently caught the Golden Hour from a fire lookout. Here are her tips for capturing a glowing evening.

Nikki Frumkin and their dog Alta painting in the mountains.
Nikki and Alta painting in the mountains –Nikki Frumkin

Nikki says, “Watercolor is so good at capturing changing light! Sometimes, I like letting the water and pigment do as much work as possible. My favorite way to capture all the fast light is with a huge brush that can hold a lot of water. I deposit puddles of pigment onto the page, letting the water pool and run, tilting my page to let it travel. It can feel so free to let the water create movement instead of using your hand to move the color around with a paintbrush. Next time you’re painting, see what happens if you do some pouring onto your page. Does anything surprise you?”

You can see more of Nikki’s work on Instagram or on her website.