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Demos | June 16, 2022

While so many artists use paper, few know why certain paper types do or don’t work with different media.⁠

This is a recording of our live demo from Wednesday, June 8th with Joe Domeier from Hahnemühle USA.

Joe started oil painting and drawing in high school and continued his creative endeavors in 1985 at Minneapolis Community College, where he earned his associate degree in Commercial Art, Design, and Advertising. 1985 is also the year he started working part-time at a local art supply store in Minnesota. From there, his curiosity for product knowledge and techniques led to a 37-year-long career in the art materials industry. Since the ‘80s, he has worked as an artist, a store owner, and in manufacturing.⁠

In this demo, Joe talks through why quality paper matters and covers the following characteristics: sizing, weight, deckles, and the features, benefits, and differences between many types of paper fibers, including sustainable fibers made from agave. Joe also shares the environmental impact of making paper, the process of making fine art paper, and the history of paper-making using a 438-year-old mill.⁠

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Learn more about Hahnemühle’s paper, designed for artists on their website, and be sure to check out their Instagram page!