Lisa Spangler’s Explore Palette.

How Ambassador Lisa Spangler Gets to Know a Palette

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Technique | June 30, 2022

We sent our Ambassador Lisa Spangler an Explore Palette to test out, and she made this helpful guide for getting to know a new palette.

Lisa says: “Whenever I get a new palette, I like to make a little reference card to carry in my Art Toolkit. I start by testing pigment load to get an idea of mixing strength. I load up my brush with color, then make a swatch. Without reloading the brush with paint, I lighten it with water by dipping it in my water jar and tapping off the excess water on the side. Then I make another swatch.”

Lisa Spangler’s Explore Palette.

“Next, I mix greens, purples, and neutrals. I put little dots of the two colors I’m mixing together, then paint a swoosh of color, adding more of one, then the other as I go. Last but not least, I like to do a little thumbnail sketch to see how the paints play together. Finally, I tuck it in with my palette, so I have it ready to reference when I go on adventures!”

Lisa used an Explore Palette, Rosemary & Co R13 brush, and Arches cold press paper, trimmed using her Pocket Palette as a guide for the size.

You can learn more about Lisa on her website and on Instagram.