Cover of the book Drawing with Children.

Drawing with Children

Nhatt Nichols portrait.

Nhatt Nichols

Marketing Coordinator

Inspiration | February 05, 2021

Our book recommendation this week comes from our Marketing Coordinator, Nhatt Nichols.

My mother used Drawing with Children to teach both of us how to draw. It's one of my favorite memories of being homeschooled, both of us working our way through lessons and comparing our progress together.⁠

Color illustrations from the book Drawing with Children.

Unlike many other books about drawing for kids, this one encourages you to use creativity and observation to create, instead of just learning to copy the way lines work to sketch an animal or cartoon character.⁠

Inside images from the book Drawing with Children.

My favorite lesson from it is how to take something like a misplaced line in a vase and use that mistake to create a patterned vase instead. Learning how to grow from my mistakes is a lesson worth learning and something I still think about when I'm too quick to grab an eraser!⁠

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