Mixing Palette with three large pans for mixing watercolors, and a Demi Palette with paint-filled pans on top of a color study.

Mixing Palette

Portrait of Maria Coryell-Martin.

Maria Coryell-Martin


Supplies | August 07, 2020

Sometimes you need just a little extra space to make precisely the shade you need. I carry a Mixing Palette to take my colors a little further, keeping the pans free from paint with the exception of adding a fun color or two in the smaller standard pans, like white gouache, and a black or neutral tint.

My palettes usually look this messy! Mixing colors is just so fun, putting together a little of this and a little of that. When it's time to go, I usually just close the lid and move on.

Coming back, the colors on my palette can be a starting point, often "palette grey." If I need some fresh space, I'll wipe them with a wet brush and towel.