Watercolor painting of a meadow on the Oregon coast by artist Molly Hashimoto.

Pacific Northwest Palette

Portrait of Maria Coryell-Martin.

Maria Coryell-Martin


Supplies | March 11, 2020

I’m excited to announce a new limited-edition series of color collections: Palettes of Place, available now. Every region has a unique vocabulary of color, climate, and stories that can be discovered through patient observation.

Testing the Pacific Northwest Palette at Salt Creek, WA State.

The Pacific Northwest Palette at Salt Creek on the Olympic Peninsula

Our first in the series is a palette inspired by the Pacific Northwest and is a collaboration with artist Molly Hashimoto. This region is steeped in green hues of every shade, from bright lemony foliage to blue-tinged pine forests, and from luminous glowing greens of the rainforest to the windswept coastal grasses.

Watercolor painting of a meadow on the Oregon coast by artist Molly Hashimoto.
Meadow and View below Sitka Center by Molly Hashimoto

Seattle-based artist Molly Hashimoto is dedicated to connecting people to nature. She’s explored parks and wildlife refuges all over the West and is a long-time friend, mentor, and inspiration to me. Molly first helped introduce me to Daniel Smith watercolors in 1995!

Color swatches for the Pacific Northwest Palette.
Colors of the Pacific NW Palette

For the Pacific Northwest Palette, Molly chose eight of her favorite watercolors that mix a rich and varied range of greens.

The Pacific Nortwest Palette.
The Pacific Northwest Palette

We’re presenting our Palettes of Place series in the Demi Palette, the perfect size for exploring color, or as a complement to your other palettes.

Watercolor painting of a trillium by artist Molly Hashimoto.
Western Trillium by Molly Hashimoto

Explore different ratios and saturation of Hansa Yellow Medium, Phthalo Blue (Red Shade), Quinacridone Burnt Orange, and Carbazole Violet to paint the sky, sunlight on deciduous leaves, conifer boughs and needles, tree trunks, moss, and understory shrubs.

Watercolor painting of a sitka spruce by artist Molly Hashimoto.
Sitka Spruce in Olympic National Park by Molly Hashimoto

Paint tree trunks with Alizarin Crimson or violet mixed with Quinacridone Burnt Orange, and darkened with Phthalo Blue. Add sparkle to alpine lakes and ocean spray with Fuchsite, and wash in Yellow Ochre for windswept bluffs and beaches.

Cover image of the book *Colors of the West* by artist Molly Hashimoto.
Colors of the West, book by Molly Hashimoto

Discover more possibilities with these colors and others in Molly’s terrific book, Colors of the West, An Artist’s Guide to Nature’s Palette. Learn about Molly’s other projects and workshops on her website.